What is the best edible cooking oil, which oil suites for which recipes?

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*Don’t take: Refined oils and either imported or local Olive oil, Canola oils, Soya bean oil (as these are GMO or highly processed)*

Do take: Based on your location which oil your elders used to take.

Bull driven Wood Pressed/ Cold Pressed / Wood Pressed/ Kachi Ghani oils from different oilseeds stored in Amber color glass bottles/ Stainless steel containers.

  1. *Coconut oil* suitable for all locations and all cooking styles including deep fry (once or twice)
  2. Ghee prepared from a healthy, happy desi local Indian cow (not a single drop from A1/ Jersey cow)
  3. Sesame oil (best for Pickles, Regular cooking)
  4. Groundnut oil (regular cooking, for fry *once* or twice)
  5. Mustard oil (regular cooking, suites for North India)
  6. Safflower oil (regular cooking, for deep fry)
  7. Niger Seeds oil (for salads, for lemon rice type recipes)
  8. Olive oil (*only for Salads, dressing*) for America and other such cold countries


  1. Every oil has a smoke point/ boiling point temperature and based on that one should choose the oil.
  2. Don’t take the same type of oil continuously, change the oils types regularly by monthly/ by seasons
  3. Oil should heat only once that too only while cooking

More details on Edible oils and Refined oils.


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For America climate, one can use Virgin Olive oil, Coconut oil.

❗Say no for Canola, Vegetable oils.




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